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Editorial Services

The biggest myth about writers is that we work alone. Everything I’ve ever published has gone through multiple rounds of revisions with teachers, editors, and trusted writing-friends. 

I see my writing community in every piece I’ve ever written, and I’d love to be a part of your network of support. If you’re interested in a critique or are just getting started developing a project, let’s talk and see if my approach is a good fit. I have years of experience offering not only feedback on full-length manuscripts, essays, and query letters but also helping people express themselves effectively in speeches, too, anything from wedding toasts to eulogies.

I offer a flat fee for manuscript consultations, based on word count and scope of the project, and an hourly rate for shorter works.

I have been writing and speaking for over a decade on the immigrant experience, bi-cultural identities, family dynamics, and living a creative life. I’d be delighted to bring that conversation to your school, company, or community. To hear more of my take on things, check out my TEDx and these podcasts!


& Speaking Engagements

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